Court to reconsider death sentence for Granville Ritchie

Granville Ritchie was sentenced to death last month for the murder of 9-year-old Felicia Williams, but his attorneys are making one last effort to save their client's life.

"My goal is to convince the court to sentence him to life in prison instead of the death penalty, " said defense attorney Bjorn Brunvard

Prosecutors say what Ritchie did to the little girl was callous and heinous. However, at a hearing scheduled for January, Ritchie's attorney will make the case that his client's traumatic childhood should be considered in the severity of his sentencing.

Brunvard is expected to present evidence about Ritchie's rough upbringing on the streets of Jamaica, a traumatic brain injury Ritchie suffered as a teen, and abuse he endured at the hands of his father.

"We may want to have some other experts testify. The violence, the level of violence in his neighborhood," said Brunvard. 

Prosecutors are likely to call their own witnesses, including Felecia Williams' mother.

The hearing is set for January 7, 2020.