COVID-19 survivor thankful to Pasco County hospital workers who helped her through

It's been one week since hospital workers cheered as Pasco County woman left the intensive care unit to go home. Thursday, she was feeling the best she's felt in a long time -- well enough to share her experience overcoming COVID-19.

Tamashri Maharana is 52, said she’s feeling much better, and she’s thankful for the workers who took care of her at AdventHealth Wesley Chapel.

Healthcare workers lined the hallway at the hospital as Maharana left the ICU last Wednesday night.

“It’s so emotional. It’s like I can’t believe I’m going home that day, like a dream come true, and I thank God for that,” said Maharana.

Now, she is focused on her health and recovery from the coronavirus.

“I listen to religious songs and I try to think about good things and counting the days I can have my family and kiss them daily again,” said Maharana.

She was in the ICU on a non-invasive ventilator for four days.

“It was hard for me to breathe, the coughing, the tightness. I was getting a little chill, a fever,” she said.

When Maharana found out her diagnosis, she told FOX 13 she immediately thought of family.

“It’s a scary time. It’s like a nightmare. You don’t wish anybody to go through that,” she said.

The state is not reporting a total number of "recovered' coronavirus patients or those currently hospitalized. 

Maharana spent a week in the hospital, with a screen as her only connection to her daughters, her husband and her dog, Louie.

“They would FaceTime me every day and at night,” said Maharana. “I felt down, but I said, 'You have to be strong and you have to faith.' I said, 'I’m going to fight this.'”

And Maharana did. Healthcare workers recognized her efforts with cheers and kind messages as she left.

“We have to pray for each other because it’s a difficult time for everyone,” she said.

Maharana said she still has one more week left of quarantine at her home before she’s allowed to be around her family.

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