Creating separate home offices

Interior designer Karen Post helps her clients create the perfect home office to suit their needs, but even in her own home, she's had to find space away from her husband's office.

"Karen used to work in the office next door and there's very little to block the noise between the two, so if we were both on the phone, you could hear each other. We ended up turning her office into a workout room and then moved her office to a different floor and we have a floor in between us so we're both able to completely work independently. We don't bother each other at all then we meet in the middle for dinner," said her husband, Eric Vogt.

Post added, "I have a corporate office that I go to once or twice a week for team meetings. Creating my perfect office environment was a challenge. As much as I love my husband, he can be loud when he's doing business."

She turned part of their bedroom into her office.

What was once a closet now contains a second desk, so Post can have space in front of and behind her. 

"I can spin around and really have the benefit of a big office with a small space," Post said. "I create vision boards so I have a bulletin board behind me that's constantly changing with fabrics and wallpapers."

She has multiple sources of lightning, including recess lights, a task light, and natural light from a window. 

She uses drapes to separate the space.

"I just needed a way to create some separation because I'm an early riser. I start my work about 5 a.m. and since my husband is sleeping in the master bedroom, I come in here, I shut the drapes," said Post ."If you have one space, a way to create the separation is window treatments. It can be really affordable. You can use an expandable shower rod to hang a window treatment, you can also use folding screens that you could find and paint and put wallpaper on."

She said this idea could apply to other couples who have to share the home office space. Headphones help too.

"Sometimes you've got to use things like headphones if you've got to focus on things and the noise bothers you. I'm sound sensitive I can hear a pin drop," she explained. "Even if I’m up here I will put my headphones on and put the sound blocking white noise, just so it's completely quiet."

And consider unconventional workspaces in your home. Post said a big master bathroom could easily become a workspace; consider the components: drawers, plugs, countertops.

For Post and her husband, it's a good balance, professionally and personally.

"My best work comes from my home office," said Post.

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