Dance studio raises funds for Irma relief

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Young girls and boys are dancing their way to some fundraising dollars.

The Frank Rey Dance Studio in Tampa is raising money for the Red Cross Hurricane Relief.

Dance instructors donated their time to raise money. Every child who shows up donates what they can to the cause.

The owner of the dance studio, Mary Frances Granell says the entire Bay Area dance community wants to help storm victims any way they can.

"We didn't get hit the way we thought, so to show our thankfulness we wanted to help out those who were not as fortunate," said Granell.

Some kids came from as far as Brookesville, St. Petersburg, and Lakeland to participate.

The fundraising goes on all weekend long.

If you want to donate, reach out to the Frank Rey Dance Studio on Waters Avenue in Tampa. So far they have raised $2,000 and growing.