Daughter writes book about parents' WWII-era love letters

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A daughter stumbled upon love letters from her deceased parents, revealing a story of love and commitment.

"My mother passed away and I was going through her things and I found the chest," explained Ellen Anderson, who found the treasure chest full of loving memories.

Her mom, Gladys Kwaterski apparently kept the letters for her daughter to read someday.

"I was like, 'These are the letters that mom and dad wrote to each other during World War II,' and it was quite the treasure chest," Anderson said.

More than 200 letters her mom and dad wrote while he was deployed overseas.

"Very surprised to find it. Nobody in my family knew about it," said Anderson. "My mom kept it a secret all these years."

The couple got married on July 8, 1943, in Georgia, before he was sent to war.

"Every step he took and every breath he took, it was for her and the war," she said.

Anderson's dad, Bernard had faith he would make it back to Gladys.

"He knew somehow that God would keep him safe and bring him home to her," she explained.

Anderson wanted to preserve the letters for future generations so she wrote a book called "Letters to My Wife, A WW II Love Story."

"A lot of the times, it was very emotional. I did go through a lot of tissues writing this book," Anderson said.