Deadly carjacking victim's family face suspect in court

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The family of an innocent man killed this week says the accused killer, James Hanson should face the maximum penalty.

In this case, Hanson is eligible for the death penalty.

A wake was held for 68-year-old Mathew Korratiyil on the same day his family went to court to face Hanson at his bond hearing.

"He was innocent," said son Melvin Korattiyil. "There was no reason for him to suffer like this."

The wake was at the Sacred Heart Catholic Community Center in Valrico, which is where Mathew was both member and where his body was found Tuesday.

Hanson told detectives he strangled him with a belt after carjacking him and robbing a bank only a mile away. It's still unclear as to why Hanson took him to the community center.

"He was taken away by an animal who never should have been let out," said Melvin Korattiyil.

Hanson was denied bail, as a court heard Tuesday's grim details. Melvin's brother, Nelson confirmed it was his father's belongings who detectives found in Hanson's home.

Family is furious Hanson was let out of jail barely a month ago, his life sentence for another armed robbery shortened by a judge who agreed his previous lawyer was not up to snuff.

"They have given us their reassurances he will face the maximum penalty available," said Melvin Korattiyil. "We know we have the support of the community around us."

Detectives testified Hanson complained to a deputy he was "screwed" and that his life was over.

Family could only say it's their loved one, a former convenience store owner, husband, father of three, and grandfather of four, who deserves to be remembered.

"For the lives he has touched in a positive light, that is what I want people to remember," said Korattiyil.