Deputy kills dog while responding to call in Pasco

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A pit bull is dead after a serious attack forced a Pasco County deputy to shoot the dog.

It happened in a wooded area off Oakley Avenue in Hudson, where some homeless residents set up camp. Neighbors in the area believe the dog was provoked.

Jim Ames told FOX 13 News what he saw. He said the dog attacked a man intruding on its owner’s tent. When the man tried to come near without permission, the dog lunged.

 When deputies got there, they say the dog was off its leash and agitated.

 “I saw the dog come out and attack the Pasco County Sheriff's officer, a female, and she was backing up to get away from the dog, and she fell down,” Jim Ames explained.

Ames says he heard loud barking coming from the woods next to his trailer, then saw a man bleeding from his arm.

“He was messed up on the arm right, there above the muscle and on the forearm,” Ames said, pointing to his own arm.

When deputies arrived, the dog apparently was still in protection mode and began to attack a female deputy. She fired at the dog, killing it.

Ames said he believes the deputy first fired a warning shot in an attempt to scare the dog off, but was forced to fire again.

The bullet grazed her hand in the process.

But both she and the man attacked have non-life-threatening injuries. Investigators haven't released either of their names.

It's unclear if the dog's owner will face any charges.