DeSantis makes promises, appointments as governor-elect

The race for Florida governor came down to less than 1 percentage point, but GOP candidate Ron DeSantis took home the victory, narrowly beating his Democratic opponent, Andrew Gillum.

As the state prepares for the change in command, we're taking a look at the state's governor-elect, his journey to Tallahassee, and his Bay Area roots.

There weren't many races more heated, more divided than this one.

If you take a look at election results, votes were nearly cut right down the middle between parties, a difference of 0.58 percentage points at last check.

Despite that, DeSantis promises he will work with, and for, all Floridians, including those who opposed him. 

Stepping out from behind the curtain, Ron and Casey DeSantis took their first walk onstage as Florida Governor-Elect and First Lady Tuesday night. "Not bad for a kid who started out making $6 an hour," DeSantis joked at the podium.

His journey to the Governor's mansion began in 1978. DeSantis was born in Jacksonville. He grew up in Pinellas County and graduated from Dunedin High School.

"21 years later and here we are," DeSantis said after being declared the winner. "Pinellas County is near and dear to my heart so I think they basically have a hometown guy as Governor."

The Ivy League grad, former Navy prosecutor and Congressman found a political teammate in his wife, Casey, an award-winning TV host. Their two kids, Madison and Mason, joined them on the campaign trail.

DeSantis, who entered the Governor's race as an underdog, got his most pivotal boost from the commander-in-chief, himself. President Donald Trump fired up Florida's conservative base and pushed DeSantis to victory in the primary.

"A tough brilliant cookie, Ron DeSantis," President Trump said, touting the gubernatorial candidate.

DeSantis becomes the sixth consecutive Republican elected as Florida governor. While he's only the fourth youngest, he is the youngest in more than a century. His lieutenant governor, Jeannette Nunez is making history.

"She will be, when she takes office, the highest-ranking Hispanic female in the history of the state of Florida," DeSantis said.

DeSantis hit the ground running Wednesday, announcing his transition team chairs: Speaker Richard Corcoran, former U.S. Senator George Lemieux, former Lt. Governor Toni Jennings and Congressman Matt Gaetz.

"I'm really proud of Florida," Gaetz said Tuesday night. "I'm glad that Tallahassee gets it right often when Washington gets it wrong and I think we are going to have a great team moving into this next year."

DeSantis said, looking back, "I think my election as Governor in the nation's 3rd largest state further proves that regardless of where you start out in life, if you work hard, if you do it for the right reasons, you can succeed in the United States of America."

As his first order of business, DeSantis said he's sticking with one of his main campaign promises, and that is clean water - fighting toxic algae, red tide, and restoring the Everglades.

He believes his relationship with President Trump will have a big impact on the success of that.

"We will be taking action very quickly," DeSantis said. "I've talked to the President about this. He understands it. He cares about Florida and I told him that some of this infrastructure needs to get going."

"Mr. President," DeSantis said, "I look forward to working with you to advance Florida's priorities. I think you're going to get tired of me calling, asking for things for Florida."