Despite heated hearing, trial for accused double-murderer Steven Lorenzo set for April

Accusations of dirty tricks by prosecutors took center stage during a fiery hearing for notorious murder defendant Steven Lorenzo

Lorenzo, who is acting as his own attorney, accused prosecutors of hiding evidence, while providing him with stuff he didn't need.

"Most of it is absolutely nothing," argued Lorenzo. 

He is now demanding his trial be delayed. But Jay Pruner, Hillsborough County prosecutor, said this is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.

"Suggesting that the state is sitting on all this evidence that’s going to set him free or help his defense; he hasn't pointed to one single thing that he's seen at this point is material," Pruner fired back.   

Lorenzo is accused of the gruesome murders of Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz in 2003. 

Pictured: Jason Galehouse and Michael Wachholtz

Prosecutors say Lorenzo and co-defendant Scott Schweickert targeted gay bars and lured the men into Lorenzo's Seminole Heights home. There, they say, the victims were drugged, tortured and killed.

Schweickert cut a deal with the state and pleaded guilty to murder charges in exchange for life and prison and testifying against Lorenzo.

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CD's from Schweickert's personal computer was at the center of Friday's hearing. Lorenzo says he's entitled to that evidence.

"If I find something in that computer that I can use against my Schweickert then I have a right to see it," argued Lorenzo. 

Pictured: Steven Lorenzo and Scott Schweickert

But Pruner says it’s pointless and the evidence is irrelevant and doesn't plan to use any of it at trial.

"There were hundreds of pictures of men in various stages of dress and undress," said Pruner.  

After the fiery exchange, Hillsborough Circuit Judge Christopher Sabella ruled the trial will not be delayed and Lorenzo promised another fight for another day.

"If I don't see the stuff that’s on here I'm going to claim a due process violation. Sorry, that’s just the way it is," threatened Lorenzo. 

Lorenzo's trial is set for April 5, 2021. He faces the death penalty if convicted. 

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