Steve Lorenzo prepares to go to trial

There is only one outcome Pam Williams will accept for notorious murder defendant Steven Lorenzo.

"He killed Jason and I want him dead. He doesn't deserve to be on this earth. I won't be at rest until I know he's dead," said Williams.

Her only son, Jason Galehouse was murdered, prosecutors say, by Lorenzo and his co-conspirator, Scott Schweickert.

"I'm not the same person I was years ago. I can't feel. I have no emotion," said Williams.

Nearly 14 years later, Lorenzo is facing two counts of murder in the deaths of Jason Galehouse and Michael Waccholtz.

In court last week, an aged Lorenzo told the judge he plans to represent himself.

"I am the attorney for that name and I will represent myself, period," Lorenzo insisted.

Standing by Williams through the yearslong ordeal has been Jason's good friend, Tyler Butler.

"I think Lorenzo is trying to intimidate Schweickert. That's what this is about. It's about intimidation," said Butler.

Prosecutors say Lorenzo lured Jason and Michael to his home in Seminole Heights back in 2003. There, the men were allegedly used as sex slaves, tortured, and murdered.

Detectives say the bodies were dismembered and thrown in dumpsters around town.

Williams says she remembers Schweickert's chilling confession to police.

"Schweickert told us they pulled off away from the dumpster and they laughed," said Williams.

Last summer, Schweickert cut a deal with the state in order to dodge the death penalty, in exchange for a life sentence and testifying against Lorenzo.

At Schweickert's sentencing, Williams let him have it.

"I hope you're satisfied because I hope you rot in hell," said Williams.

She says she will be ready to do it again.

"I'm like a bubble waiting to bust and when I get in there, it's going to bust," explained Williams.

Lorenzo is back in court in late October.