Detectives look into cold cases for possible link to man arrested in two St. Pete killings

St. Petersburg detectives are combing through cold cases and unsolved shootings to see if there could be a link to the man arrested in two random killings. 

Johnny Carnegie was arrested in Hillsborough County in another case – the St. Petersburg Police Department used surveillance footage to pin him to two unprovoked killings.   

"From what the evidence shows, he drove from Tampa to St. Pete, killed someone and drove back home," said St. Pete Police Chief Anthony Holloway.  

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The shootings happened in the overnight hours not too far from each other. The first shootings happened on Sunday, April 10, and police said Vernon Williams was shot and killed after a brief conversation with the shooter. Days later, 24-year-old Corlenzo Williams, who is not related to the first victim, was also approached, had a brief conversation with the shooter and was gunned down. 

A third potential victim was also approached by the shooter, but they saw the gun and ran to police.   

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Chief Holloway said it takes a certain kind of evil to gun down two innocent people. 

"Was this his first time? I don’t know," Chief Holloway said Wednesday.  "We are sharing information with other law enforcement agencies… maybe we can link him to other shootings."  

Carnegie was booked into the Hillsborough County Jail two weeks ago on aggravated battery with a deadly weapon and drug charges in another case. Prosecutors are working to get him to Pinellas County to face the two counts of first-degree murder.