Dine with strangers in home of former 'MasterChef' contestant

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Danny Flores is sharpening his knives and skills, not only as a chef but also a host.

"We're going to make you feel comfortable. We're going to make you feel welcome and you're going to be very comfortable as soon as you walk in," said Danny.

The former 'MasterChef' contestant and his wife, Kim, are opening their Land O'Lakes home to strangers as part of a dining experience called EatWith.

"I decided to do EatWith because I think it's just a better opportunity for me to get better at my craft and also share it with others who want to try it," said Danny.

His wife wasn't so sure when he ran the idea by her.

"She was very skeptical. Understandably so, because you are letting strangers into your home," said Danny.

But she warmed up quickly.

"You get to sit down with six, eight people you don't even know and by the end of the event they're exchanging phone numbers and they're text messaging and making plans to get together again," said Kim. 

As the guests start arriving and getting to know one another, Kim is making them feel at home. Danny is preparing a four-course meal. The menu for the night is on their plates. Danny adds another personal touch.

"The recipes that I'm using are my grandmother's recipes and I've tuned them a little bit to be a little bit more contemporary," said Danny.

And there's another experience that sets this apart from an ordinary restaurant.

"It's kind of like a chef's table. There's not many places you get to go where you have dialogue with the chef, explain to you why this is plated this way, what you're supposed to taste, how he made it," said Danny.

Paul and Tracy Schatzberg are new to this. They were excited to check it out. 

"The adventure of someone cooking in their own home," said Paul.

"And meeting people we don't know," added Tracy.

It doesn't take long for the conversation to flow and the food to disappear.

"Absolutely we'll do it again. Any opportunity to enjoy food, enjoy fun and good people," said Tracy. 

"I would have never done it,  but now that we've hosted them and I've actually seen it come together,  I would love the opportunity to go to one myself I actually think it would be a great time," said Kim.

While they are dining as strangers, the guests are leaving as friends. 

"By the time that the night's over, you leave satisfied, happy and with more friends along the way," said Danny.

For information in participating in Eat With with Danny Flores, visit https://www.eatwith.com/users/306147?c=USD.