Discovery Channel show features Venice-based python hunter, Dusty 'Wildman' Crum

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We've seen him on TV before, battling some of the largest pythons in southwest Florida.

Now, Dusty Crum, AKA Wildman, is getting his own TV show on the Discovery Channel.

It will highlight his team’s efforts to get rid of the invasive creatures and is going to be as wild as Dusty himself.

By daylight, you’ll find him in his orchid shop in Venice. But when night comes: “It gets a little crazy sometimes, to be honest,” Dusty said.

You'll find him barefoot, with his dog, Riley close behind.

“It’s not the easiest job in the world, but somebody has to do it,” Dusty said.  

In the Everglades, going after huge Burmese pythons, working with his team to stop the invasive species from smothering our native creatures.

“I’ve made it my mission. I'm not good sitting the office and typing on a keyboard, computer, in a little box. I have the ability to catch the snakes and that’s what I’m going to do,” Crum said.

He's been successful, working with the South Florida Water Management District to rid the area of pythons.

He even drew the attention of the Discovery Channel, which gave him his own show.

Camera crews follow him and his team as they become “Guardians of the Glades,” as the show is named.

“The more and more I see around me, it’s a sad situation. The earth is signing a sad song right now. A lot of mammals have disappeared and I can’t turn my back on it. I’ve got to do what I can to help fight the invasion,” Crum said.

He's made TV appearances before, but never anything like this. Dusty says he's ready for whatever comes his way.

“I want people to be on the edge of their seats. Fear, catching the snakes, and the next minute you’re going to be laughing your butt off,” Crum said of the show.

From catching snakes to turning their skin into fashion pieces: “Out of respect from the animal utilize every piece of the snake.”

Dusty wants others to follow his journey as he works to take back the Everglades.

“I’m just encouraged to spread this message and to let people know what’s going on in the Everglades,” he said.

Pythons have decimated more than 90% of certain mammal and bird species in parts of the Everglades.

“Guardian of the Glades” starts May 28 on the Discovery Channel.

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