DIY snow machine turns Lutz home into winter wonderland

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The Bay Area may not be seeing snow like a lot of the rest of the country, but a man in Lutz is taking advantage of the colder temperatures and making snow of his own.

Using a pressure washer - he made an impressive snow machine and turned the side of his home into a winter wonderland for his family and neighbors on Thursday morning.

"I'm a native [Floridian], but I definitely like the cold weather," said Adam Meid.

The colder temperatures on Thursday gave Meid a rare opportunity to use a DIY snow machine he created about 15 years ago using his pressure washer, garden hose, PVC pipe, and a Youtube video tutorial.

Creating the device cost him less than $100.

"It's high-pressure water out of the top three nozzles," explained Meid. "Out of the bottom, we have compressed air and high-pressure water mixed together."

The cold air causes the water to freeze instantly as it sprays out, creating thick, powdery snow.

"If you went up to the ski resorts and went on the side of the mountain, that's what you would get," said Meid, who added that his device works best when temperatures hit 27 degrees or colder.

The cooldown hitting central Florida this week allowed Meid to give his Florida-born grandchildren their first taste of snow.

He collected his neighbors' old Christmas trees at the end of the holiday, decorating the side of his home to look like a winter wonderland, in hopes that he would soon be able to use his snow machine.

Meid expects the snow to melt over the next two days as the temperatures warm back up.