'Do-it-yourself photography studio' opens in Tampa's WestShore Plaza

A new business in Tampa is aimed squarely at fun-photo lovers.  It’s called Selfie World Tampa.

"We’re a do-it-yourself photography studio," said manager Katelyn Ogden. "We provide various backgrounds all around and we set up people with ring lights and Bluetooth remotes so you can go around using your own phone or DSLR and take pictures at all the backdrops," she said. 

It costs $20 for an hour and there are 27 different backgrounds.  

"We do have dressing rooms so you can bring a bunch of different outfits and you can take pictures at all of our scenes and have content for months, which is big in today's world," said Ogden. 

The scenes rotate periodically and by season. In a world dominated by social media, this place is built for likes.  

"Most people don’t know what we are and tell them about it almost everyone is laughing and smiling at the end of it," she said. 

Selfie World is located inside the WestShore Plaza mall. For information, visit https://selfiewrldtampa.com/.