Doctor says former neo-Nazi unfit to stand trial for murders

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One doctor says the former neo-Nazi turned Muslim accused of killing two of his roommates is not fit to stand trial, but the judge wants a second opinion.

Devon Arthurs and his three roommates previously shared neo-Nazi beliefs. But when Arthurs converted to Islam, he says his roommates insulted his new faith, so he killed two of them, Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneshuk, 

Videos of Devon Arthurs' interrogation were released Wednesday, shining some light on Arthurs' state of mind just hours after he allegedly shot and killed his roommates in their Tampa apartment.

In the video, Arthurs appears to have regrets.

"If I could go back and do something over, I would sign myself into a hospital and work on my anger issues and rational thinking skills," Arthurs told detectives. "I am very prone to getting angry a lot. I might be sick in that sense. I want to get help for that. I would much rather be at a mental hospital, where I should have been."

On Thursday, a doctor told the judge in Arthurs' case he agreed, telling the judge he believes Arthurs is unfit to stand trial.

But prosecutor Ron Gale requested a second opinion and Hillsborough Judge Laura Ward agreed. 

It was unclear when a decision on Arthurs' ability to stand trial would be made.