Doctors Hospital worker, young son quarantined after contact with COVID-19 patient

A Sarasota family is giving us a look at what it means to self-quarantine after coming in contact with someone who tests positive for

coronavirus COVID-19.

Rose Schultz's daughter, an employee at Doctors Hospital, called Sunday morning to say she and her son will monitor their own health at home for about two weeks.

"She called me 8:30 Sunday morning, she said, 'Mom, I have something to tell you,' and she started telling me and I was like, 'Oh my goodness,'" Schultz recalled.

Her daughter had come in contact with a patient who "presumptively tested positive" for coronavirus. Gov. Ron DeSantis announced Sunday the patient was a man in his 60s who was admitted to Doctors Hospital toward the end of February. 

That patient did not originally meet the CDC's original criteria to test for the virus. A change in criteria led to the test, which came back positive. It's unknown how many people he's come in contact with, but precautions are being taken. 

At Schultz's grandson's school, Sarasota Military Academy, parents and students were told a student and his mother were quarantined "due to the mother's contact with a patient at Sarasota Doctors Hospital in her professional role." 

administrators are taking measures to prevent spread of the illness. 

"We've been proactive on sanitizing, teaching our students that they make sure they’re washing their hands and such," said the school's executive director, Christina Bowman. 

Bowman said officials have not recommended any further steps at this time, but the school has undergone a deep-cleaning.

"They're not recommending any exclusions, they’re recommending going about our business every day," said Bowman. 

With flu season already in full swing, cleanings had been done just 10 days ago at SMA. 

"It was shocking at first, but we want to make sure, number one, that they’re taken care of, healthy and they’re safe and we want to make sure we are following all the protocols ahead of time," said Bowman.