Dogs may be to blame for death of Lake Placid man

Deputies in Highlands County are investigating what they're calling a "suspicious death" in Lake Placid that may have involved a pack of dogs.

It was just before noon Thursday when the body of a man – later identified as 45-year-old Melvin Olds Jr. – was found in a wooded area of the southeastern portion of the Highway Park area. 

Deputies say the investigation revealed injuries "indicative of an animal attack," possibly from a pack of dogs that was seen in the area shortly after the body was discovered.

The sheriff's office says Animal Services and FWC units are setting traps in the area. In the meantime, anyone in that area who sees a pack of dogs, or any dog that is aggressive, is asked to call 863-402-7200.

An autopsy will be needed to determine Olds' official cause of death.