Dozens of loaded guns found at TSA checkpoints at TPA so far this year

TSA broke records Sunday, screening 3 million passengers nationwide, but some of those passengers are breaking the law with what they are bringing in their carry-ons.

TSA said so far this year, it's discovered more than 3,200 hundred guns at checkpoints across the country, and 94% of them are loaded.

The agency is averaging 19 guns per day at checkpoints in 2024.

Barbara Thompson says she worries about her daughter, who was flying by herself from Austin to Tampa.

"It's kind of scary because you don't know what people are bringing on the plane," said Thompson.

She said that’s because passengers are packing, and it's not just their luggage.

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Loaded guns are making their way to the security lines at almost every airport in America. 

So far this year, TSA has found 51 guns at checkpoints at TPA, including 49 that were loaded.

Five firearms were found at PIE. All were loaded.

TSA officers found 8 firearms at SRG. Six of those were loaded.

"My immediate thought was, ‘oh, who's going to get killed now?’" said Pat Schoonover of Tampa, "(TSA) got those, so that's a good thing. So hopefully, if there's more coming, they will get them as well," she said. 

Passengers FOX 13 spoke with don't think that's happening by accident.

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"How can you forget a gun? How can you forget a loaded gun?" said Thompson.

TSA said that's the number one excuse passengers give, adding not only is it dangerous to bring a loaded firearm to the checkpoint, but it also delays other travelers in the same lane.

Even with the high number of guns, TSA says the rate of guns carried by passengers is down slightly from last year.

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They're reminding those who want to fly with their guns: they must be locked in a hard-sided case, secured in the passenger's checked bag and declared to the airline. 

TSA does not seize firearms. Agents contact local law enforcement, who takes possession of the gun. Police may also arrest or cite a passenger.

TSA can fine passengers up to almost $15,000 for bringing a gun.

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