Biden, Trump campaigns push for Floridians to head to polls by election day

As the election draws near both presidential candidates are making visits to the Sunshine State in hopes of grabbing last-minute voters. Dr. Jill Biden made three stops in Florida on Sunday.

The wife of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden traveled to Tallahassee, Kissimmee, and Tampa on Sunday. Dr. Jill Biden, former Vice President Joe Biden's wife, made a stop at Hillsborough Community College on Sunday to talk about what a Biden presidency would look like.

She spoke about plans for universal pre-school and criticized President Trump's handling of the pandemic.

"Look how many lives have been lost to is pandemic because we're staying at home or working on the front lines without protection, we're all worried about paying our bills and whether our children will be safe when they go to school," Dr. Jill Biden said.

Florida was a popular place for the Trump campaign this weekend as well. President Trump's son, Eric, made two stops in Florida on Saturday.  His message was to remind voters about his father's passion for this country and why he wants four more years in the White House.

"My father loves this country, he loves his flag, he loves the red, white and blue. He loves everything our nation stands for and frankly, the radical left doesn't they really don't," said Eric Trump. "That's why we have the support that we do."

The Biden rally and the Trump rally not only sounded different, but they looked very different as well. People stayed in their cars and were socially distanced when they saw Dr. Biden at HCC. But, crowds sat together at Eric Trump's MAGA rally.

President Donald Trump is also scheduled to be in Florida late Sunday night. The president is holding a rally at the Miami Opa-locka Executive Airport at 11 p.m. Sunday.

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President Donald Trump and Biden both held campaign rallies in Florida on Thursday, highlighting the critical role the battleground state will play in Tuesday’s election.

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Both campaigns also have been flooding the state with surrogates as they try to capture Florida’s 29 electoral votes. Eric Trump made two stops in Florida, one in Jacksonville and one in Longwood, campaigning for his father on Saturday.