Dunedin man facing explosive charges has mental health evaluation

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We are learning more about the man accused of having a stockpile of guns, bombs, and an apparent plan to unleash mayhem on two public schools and a water treatment plant near Tampa.

A friend of Randall Drake's parents explained why no one saw this coming.

"There was nothing abnormal.  Nothing that would flag anything," the family friend explained.

Those who know 24-year-old Randall Drake say they are completely blown away by what the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office is accusing him of.

Deputies went to where he lives, at his parent’s home in Dunedin, to make a child porn bust.

Instead, behind lock and key in his bedroom, they found several high-capacity guns with thousands of rounds of ammunition.  They also found three bombs, imagery of two Hillsborough County schools and a water treatment plant, along with an alarming note vowing a bloody revenge to make the world “burn.”

"He would drive. We would see him daily. He would wave. We would wave," a neighbor recalled.

A neighbor and friend of Drake's parents didn't want his identity revealed, but said he came home from vacation and heard the news. He said it's so bizarre, he's having trouble believing it.

"I do feel for the parents; going through this with your son and then having some sort of state if not national microscope on you now," the neighbor said.

Drake's parents told investigators they knew nothing of their son's arsenal.

He was being held on a $20,000 bond, which someone posted Thursday evening. The sheriff then took Drake into custody under the Baker Act to have his mental health evaluated. 

They can hold him for up to 72 hours, but doctors would then have to approach a judge about holding him longer.

There is a chance doctors could release him early and, because of patient confidentiality, no one would ever know.

"It was shocking to get the news, but I think it is too early to jump to conclusions or be worried. I think we'll be cautious."

Hillsborough schools have notified of the parents of students at Ben Hill Middle School and Essrig Elementary School about what was found in Drake’s room.

The sheriff says they are continuing to investigate the child porn allegations and whether Drake was working with someone else, but so far believe he has acted alone.