Dying dog at New Jersey shelter searching for loving home to live out her days

A dying dog at a New Jersey shelter is searching for a loving home where she can peacefully live out the rest of her days.

Officials say Autumn, a “stunning senior Rottweiler,” lived her entire life outdoors before being surrounded to a crowded animal shelter with a bad limp.

According to the refuge, Autumn’s family stated they had no time for her.

As Autumn paced in her kennel, her condition reportedly deteriorated. A volunteer with Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge (RBARI) rescued the 7-year-old pup and rushed her to an animal hospital to determine the severity of her injury.

X-rays revealed bone cancer in Autumn’s knee, which metastasized to her chest. The shelter says she only has a few weeks left to live.


Now on pain medication, Autumn is searching for a hospice home. Until then, the shelter says Autumn will be loved and spoiled in the front office at RBARI, where she is content and comfortable.

“Autumn’s happily ever after may look different than we expected,” the shelter wrote. “But despite everything she has been through, she is a sweet, happy girl that only knows how to live.”

Those interested in donating to RBARI can do so here. Interested adopters can fill out an application here.