Electrician sentenced to 50 years for attacking customer

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Adam Millan's victim stood just feet away from her attacker and explained the trauma she lives with every minute of every day.

"With every brutal punch he destroyed my safety, my security, he destroyed my self-confidence and he destroyed my belief that most people are good," the victim said.

Terror came to her door in May of 2016. She was having some electrical work done at her home and hired defendant, Adam Millan. But suddenly, she says without warning he turned on her.

Prosecutors played the emotional 911 call.

"I was just attacked at my house. I know who he is," she cried out. "He was punching me in my face I've got cuts and bruises all over me. He tried to pull my clothes off of me he had a knife."

During Millan's sentencing, the victim explained those minutes for horror.

"When he grabbed me by the neck and threw me to the ground he then jumped on top of me pinning me to the ground punching me everywhere that he could," explained the victim.

Then he tried to rape her.

"He reached inside my shorts and ripped my underwear," said the victim.

Her screams that day got the attention of a neighbor. Millan was spooked and took off. Now, 15 months later, he says he's sorry.

"I am sorry I didn't mean to take her innocence away, OK, but at the same time I'm not no monster," said Millan.

But the judge disagreed and gave him 50 years behind bars.The victim huged her family in relief.