Entrepreneurs getting fresh start thanks to CareerSource Suncoast

It's been called the great resignation as workers across the country say ‘goodbye’ to the corporate grind. 

They're not just quitting their jobs. Many are starting out a new career path of owning their own business. CareerSource Suncoast is helping more individuals make the switch from working for the boss to being their own boss.

"Entrepreneurship is the hot ticket right now," said Curt Preisser. "Anything from baking cookies to art work to metal fabrication, it really doesn't matter."

While there can be anxiety to move away from what seems easiest, Preisser said making the jump isn't that hard.

"It can be very scary for people, but it doesn't have to be. That’s the purpose of the thrive program," he said.

Thrive is a 10-week, free virtual program packed full of information, including networking, marketing, and how to stay financially sound before your business takes off.

"Each one of them comes out with a business plan that is designed to help them succeed," said Preisser.

Since 2009, more than 500 people have graduated from Thrive. Since the pandemic, class numbers have doubled.

"They're starting to think about what they really want. Who do they want to answer to? A lot of them are saying they don’t want to answer to anybody. They want to work for themselves. Start their own business," said Preisser.

Anyone with a passion to succeed can achieve that dream, with help from Thrive.

"They're all different. People from different parts of the area and they all have one singular dream to own their own business," said Preisser.

For more information about Thrive, visit https://careersourcesuncoast.com/thrive/.