Entrepreneurs, students collaborate at St. Petersburg health and wellness studio

Aspiring entrepreneurs and those seeking to practice health and wellness come together under one roof at The Collective St. Pete. It’s a collaboration space where teachers, students, creators and service providers from all walks of life can operate their business within the same walls.

"We have different types of classes: Community meetups, groups, workshops and different events," The Collective co-founder Dani Mae explained. "No matter where you are in your journey, your wellness journey or teaching journey, we have something for you."

Some of the classes include yoga, sound ceremonies, cultural dance, martial arts and Hoola-Fit, the only hula hoop fitness class approved by the American Council on Exercise.

"I think so often as adults we forget how to play and just get lost in an experience and that’s what Hoola-Fit is all about," Abby Albaum, Hoola-Fit teacher shared.

Classes focus on mental, physical and emotional well-being with collaboration being at the heart of it all. 

"There was a need in the St. Pete community for a place for teachers, space holders, creatives and students to all grow together," explained co-founder Brittany George.

She added, " We welcome you into The Collective, whether you are a student seeking solace, whether you are a space holder needing a platform to share your voice or you are a creator who needs four walls to operate your business in." 

LINK: For more information on The Collective visit thecollectivestpete.com.


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