Faith in Action: Operation Compassion

It doesn't look like much from the outside, but inside a trailer parked behind Plant City's Church of God, Delores Stropagel is creating hope, one can at a time.

"On a slow day we may feed 23, 24 families. On a busy day, it could be in the fifties," Stropagel said.

She heads Operation Compassion, a local food bank for anyone in need.

"Single moms, a lot of elderly. There's a lot of elderly that come through here. It's either get your medicine or eat food," she said.

It's a cause dear to her heart.

"I've been there. I grew up hungry in New York and I know what it's like to do that," Stropagel said.

Each Saturday, families line up and wait their turn to shop the store. When it's time to check out, gratitude is the only form of payment.

If they want it, Delores leaves them with a prayer.

"We try to fill the spiritual need, not just the physical need," she said.  

This summer, Operation Compassion's shelves are bare at a time when hundreds of kids are without guaranteed meals at school. She's calling on the community to be the compassion stocking her cupboards.

"Anybody can be on the ramp, waiting for food. Anybody could," Stropagel said.

Operation Compassion collects food donations every Saturday behind the church from 10-2pm. They're located in Plant City on Mud Lake Road.