Falling debris from Floridan Hotel damages vehicle

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For the second time in less than a month, falling debris has been reported at the Floridan Palace Hotel.

The first time South Carolina man said he was a guest of the hotel August 2, when something fell from the building onto his new truck, which was parked in the hotel's parking lot.

The owner of the hotel confirmed bricks fell from the top corner of the building.

"I saw something that wasn't quite right," said Christopher Nisbet, the owner of the truck, "so I walked over there to my truck and I was like holy smokes you know my truck was like demolished."

The owner of the hotel said he believes the bricks were dislodged by a lightning strike.

He also said the hotel would pay Nisbet's deductible to repair the truck.

Almost a month after Nisbet's truck was damaged by falling bricks, a woman standing outside the Floridan Hotel was hit by small pieces of decorative molding that fell from the 20th floor.

A structural engineer is expected to inspect the exterior of the building Thursday.