Families turn to sidewalk chalk to spread cheer amid coronavirus shutdown

The current coronavirus restrictions can be quite challenging for families, so many are going for walks in their neighborhood to try to get away from the house for a short period of time. In one South Tampa community, you might be surprised by what you see. 

“I thought it was hilarious to come out and see ‘spread love not corona,’” parent Andy Warren offered.

For Andy, keeping four children in the house all the time gets a little crazy and very noisy. He decided to try sidewalk chalk to get the kids outside for a while.

“They can hang out and do it together and it doesn’t have to be hanging out with the whole neighborhood, because they do miss that.”

When he went outside to check on the kids, he was very surprised to see what the kids had been up to. They had covered his driveway in positive messages. 

One of his daughters, Ainsley, finds joy in drawing, especially when the subject is Spongebob Squarepants.  She drew Spongebob holding balloons with the message “radiate joy” above him. 

“Even though corona is happening, we can just kind of draw what we want and then just spread positivity,” he explained.

Some of the other messages say “be happy” and “radiate positivity.” The messages have been getting great reviews. 

“We get a lot of ‘good jobs’ and that makes us feel really good,” said Kayden Warren.

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Andy said he couldn’t be more proud of his kids. He appreciates that they want to help people stay positive in a time of chaos and uncertainty.

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