Family ministry gives the essential gift of socks

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A local ministry is giving a simple gift of love.

Summer Rains and her children, Taylor and Keegan Smith, are preparing a simple gift for those in need.

"People give shoes, people give clothes and food," said Summer. "No one has given something as simple as a sock to somebody and that's where we come in."

They Started the Happy Soul Sock Ministry, giving away free socks to students in need.

"It was really cool to see the people's faces when we would drop off socks," Taylor said.

TheIR effort is part of Sunday school classes at First Baptist Church of Durant.

"I'm just happy that I get a chance to actually do it and make people happy and smile," Keegan said.

Last year the church gave away 4,000 pairs of socks and the need is growing.

"This year giving six socks each to about 800 kids so it is just around 5,000 pairs just at the school," Summer said.

Summer says the message is a simple one: "Just clothing people in love and hoping one day they remember and that they can love on others as well."

Summer and her crew believe the sock giveaways are making a big impact in the community. For information, email