Farmer cutouts turn heads on I-4 through Plant City

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Giant "farmers" towering along Interstate 4 are turning heads. Three giant cut-outs of some incredibly realistic-looking farmers are located just before Exit 22. 

"We got off the Frontage Road and we're like, 'Wow, what is that?" said Chris Burch.

"When you drive past them it looks like they're still staring at you," said Leeah Alcocer. "They're looking at you the whole way, while going down the road."

Gary Wishnatzki, the owner of Wish Farms, said it's a tribute to three of his most loyal workers. Lonnie, who is seen holding a newspaper and a pint of strawberries, has worked with the company for 56 years.

"Their families have been very thrilled to see their patriarchs being honored," said Wishnatzki.

Now, Lonnie, Ralph, and Willie stand tall along I-4, drawing attention to what Wishnatzki said is the future site of Wish Farms' new headquarters.

The murals stand about 22 feet tall and were made by California-based artist John Cerney.

As long as drivers don't get too distracted, many agree it's a unique sight that spices up a monotonous commute.

"They're amazing and incredibly life-like," said Burch, "and we were so interested in them we came back the same way so we could see them again."

Wishnatzki believes they may even become iconic. "I-4 giants, we call them."