Feeding Tampa Bay, Habitat for Humanity team up to build a better community

Two non-profits in the Bay Area may provide different services, but the goal is still the same. Together, they make the perfect team to help the community.

Employees from Feeding Tampa Bay are helping to rehab a St. Pete duplex with Habitat for Humanity.

"Being outdoors, being in the fresh air is lovely for me and just being a part of this family is amazing," said Feeding Tampa Bay employee Yolanda Urso. 

"Sometimes it's nice to get a little bit different activity for the day," said Matt Spence, another employee. "So, we're proud to come out and support our partners and have a good time." 

Not only are they helping to rehab homes, but they also have started a program to provide every new homeowner with Habitat for Humanity Pinellas, Pasco with a free stocked pantry and refrigerator. 

"Fundamental to success in every person's life is access to good, nutritious food that only happens in one place, which is a home," said Thomas Mantz, President and CEO of Feeding Tampa Bay. 

The non-profits started the partnership after an event that they did together last year. 

"Everything good in a community starts with partnership," Mantz said. "All that we care about and do is done in connection with each other. And this is really a great way to talk about that and more importantly, a great way to show it."

The organizations believe that non-profits should work together. 

"I think sometimes, in the nonprofit sector, we look at each other as competition, and we're always looking for that next dollar, that next volunteer," said Mike Sutton President, CEO, Habitat for Humanity. "And I think what we've been able to do with Feeding Tampa Bay is find a way to bring our missions together. And I think it's an amazing example of a rising tide lifts all boats." 

Non-profits floating together to build a better community. 

"I think all of us want to do the same thing," Mantz explained, "which is to make sure that the people in our community who need our help are better, right? All of us need a hand up or a handout at times, and we're here to make sure that we collectively provide that."