Firefighters comfort scared girl after car crash by allowing her to paint their nails

After responding to the scene of a car crash in Utah, two firefighters found themselves with a fresh manicure.

North Davis Fire District Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd were at the scene of a vehicle crash near the town of West Point, located about 30 miles northeast of Salt Lake City, where a small child was not injured “but very scared,” according to a post by the fire district on Facebook.

After noticing the little girl was holding bottles of fingernail polish, the two firefighters tried to comfort the girl by talking to her about the polish and asking if she would paint their nails, officials said.

The district wrote that “within minutes,” the child began calmly painting their nails and had “forgotten” about the crash she just experienced.


North Davis Fire District Chief Hadley and Captain Lloyd are pictured with their manicures. (Photo credit: North Davis Fire District)

The North Davis Fire District commended the two emergency workers for providing “awesome customer service” to one of its youngest citizens.

“This is how amazing our firefighters are,” the district wrote.

This story was reported from Cincinnati.