Firefighters rescue drone from treetop

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You've heard of firefighters getting a cat out of tree, but how about a drone?

That's what a local fire crew did for one little boy on Christmas day.

Santa brought 6-year-old Mon'ti Davis a drone. He and his grandma were taking it for a test flight when things took an unexpected turn.

The drone got tangled high up in a neighbor's tree

"We used Coke bottles full of Coke, of course a soccer ball, a baseball, and a basketball. nothing helped," said Mon'ti's grandmother, Sonya Davis.

Before long, Sonya called 911 and explained it wasn't an emergency, but was just hoping St. Petersburg firefighters could help out.

Their prayers were answered.

"I was saying, ‘Yeah they're here and they got my drone out of there!’ so I was really happy," said Mon'ti.

Sonya says even the firefighters got a chuckle out of the not-so-ordinary call.

"They were very friendly, laughing at the same time, like, don't do this again," she said. 

Keep in mind, if you received a drone this holiday season, you're going to need to register the device with the FAA before taking to the skies.

The new rule requiring recreational drone owners to register with the government was signed into law recently by President Donald Trump, as part of a defense bill.

If you don't register, you could face thousands of dollars in fines and civil penalties, plus up to $250,000 in criminal penalties and three years in jail.

Registering a recreational-use drone costs $5 at