Florida Board of Education meeting at Holocaust Museum after survey shows lack of Holocaust knowledge

The Florida Board of Education is meeting Wednesday at the Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Pete.  It will be its second in-person meeting since the start of the pandemic.
Budget cuts and student safety are up for discussion, but also making sure Holocaust education is a priority this school year. 
An alarming national survey found 63% of adults under 40 do not know that six million Jews were murdered during the Holocaust -- the world’s worst genocide. 
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The Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany conducted the study and in Florida, 57% of those surveyed said they have seen Holocaust denial online

State laws require Holocaust education in Florida classrooms -- and that instruction is slated for the second week of November.  
State education leaders are expected to discuss whether enough is being done in Florida schools to make sure people never forget.  
The Florida Holocaust Museum in St. Pete started their own education program called, “Trunks of Hope.” This is where they bring in trunks with age appropriate artifacts to help educate students on the Holocaust.