Florida couple could make $1 million by selling Tom Brady’s last touchdown pass football at auction

When Tom Brady completed that late deep-ball to Mike Evans against the Rams, no one at the time knew it would end up as GOAT's last TD pass ever. The ball, which was tossed into the crowd, is now worth a lot of money. And unlike his 600th touchdown pass, a fan held on to this one and now it's heading up for auction. 

"We saw the photos and matched it up and was like ‘Oh my gosh this is for real’, holding it my hands I got goosebumps," said Jordan Gilroy, director of acquisitions for Lelands Auctions. 

Gilroy expects the ball will sell for somewhere between $500,000 to $1 million. The auction goes live at 3 p.m. on Super Bowl Sunday.

"Sometimes people hold on to these items, but I think he realized how important of a situation this is with the market, Brady retiring, the Super Bowl and the auction starting on the Super Bowl, it is perfect timing," Gilroy said.

The fan, who is staying anonymous, told ESPN he and his wife moved to Florida a few years ago from Michigan and that was their first Bucs game. And while the Bucs may have lost, they walked away the big winners. 

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"It is insane. I honestly didn’t believe the person when they called us," Gilroy said. 

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