Florida gas prices top $2 but level off

Average gasoline prices in Florida have topped $2 a gallon for the first time since March, but fears about another surge in COVID-19 cases could head off continued price increases.

The AAA auto club said an average gallon of regular unleaded gas in Florida costs $2.02, up 12 cents from last Monday and 25 cents from a month ago. But crude oil prices dropped 8 percent last week, with experts pointing to fears about a potential second round of COVID-19 shutdowns.

AAA spokesman W. D. Williams said the market has a lot of uncertainty, with the number of new COVID-19 cases increasing while most businesses are re-opening and people are again traveling.

“America’s economy is rebounding, and people are going back to work, which means they are resuming their normal daily commutes. That means the demand for gasoline is increasing,” Williams said.

Florida gas prices are still down more than 50 cents a gallon from a year ago. The highest gas prices in the state are in West Palm Beach, with the cheapest fuel found in Pensacola.