Florida home goes up in flames from BBQ grill mishap

A Florida man’s holiday cookout went up in flames, and started a serious house fire.

When Palm Bay firefighters arrived at the home on Yukon Street NE, they said there were flames shooting through the roof. Palm Bay Fire and Rescue said it appeared a hot grill was the source of the fire.

Keone Ka’aihue, the homeowner, told FOX 35 that he did what he usually does when starting the grill. He preheated it, turned the burners down with the lid closed, and ran inside to grab the food he planned to cook.

Ka’aihue, a Navy veteran, said he stepped away for two minutes. When he came back, flames were crawling up the side of his home. Then it spread through the attic. 

"With that wind blowing, I mean it was, it was, it was more than a garden hose was going to deal with,” he said.

There were no reported injuries. Ka’aihue said the home may be considered a total loss. He said he has insurance and friends to stay with.

"It's a big lesson learned,” said Ka’aihue. "Pay attention to your grill."