Florida House Democrat requests special session on gun reform following mass shootings

A Florida House Democrat on Wednesday launched a long shot effort to call a special legislative session to address gun-related issues after recent mass shootings in Uvalde, Texas, Buffalo, N.Y., and most recently, Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Rep. Joe Geller, D-Aventura, submitted a letter to Secretary of State Cord Byrd that was an initial step in seeking to call a special session, describing "an epidemic of gun violence" in this nation. 

If 20% of the members of the Legislature submit written support for Geller’s proposal, the House and Senate would then be polled about holding a special session. 

If 60% of the members of each chamber agree, a special session would be convened. Such efforts to force special sessions on other issues have failed in the past. 

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"Why should we do nothing? I mean, really, nothing? No, no, we have to do something," said Rep. Geller. "We have to try to do something. Why am I doing this? I couldn't sleep."

He said it will be tough to get enough support from the Republican majority in the state legislature. Many are resistant to add more restrictions after lawmakers created the red flag law and increased the age to buy guns to 21 after the Parkland school mass shooting occurred.

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Geller’s letter called for addressing issues such as high-capacity rifle magazines, universal background checks and expanded "red flag" laws – extending firearm intervention beyond police.

Florida Democrats said they wanted gun reform added to their special session about property insurance last week, but that didn't occur. 

Rep. Randy Fine says what's needed is more morality in America – not gun control, and that taking away guns doesn't solve the problem.