Florida officer directs alligator into lake using yield traffic sign

A Florida police officer used yield traffic sign to coax a teenaged alligator back into its aquatic residence.

The unusual tactic was shared on the Daytona Beach Police Department’s Facebook page, showing Sgt. Bob Ransom with the traffic sign in hand. 

The reptile was spotted Tuesday morning behind a dumpster at a Race Trac gas station, located at 2451 Beville Road. Police said a Coca-Cola delivery man went to discard boxes behind the businesses and was surprised to come across the gator.

Police pointed out that the numbers “10-15” were written on the dumpster, which means “arrest” in law enforcement language. 

Police arrived, with Sgt. Ransom steering the gator out of the garbage area and into a lake behind the gas station. During the ordeal, police said it hissed all the way to its home. The yield sign was stored in the back after it was knocked down in the street.