Florida pet detective has a gift for finding lost animals

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When it comes to finding lost pets, Jamie Katz is what you might call an ace. She’s a licensed pet detective, but her job is not exactly what Hollywood and Jim Carey might have you believe.

“We're definitely the real deal, we definitely like to find lost pets," Katz told FOX 13 News. However, "we haven’t had a dolphin yet.”

We paid a visit to Katz and her two trusty tracking dogs in Ft. Lauderdale to find out how she really operates.  To give us an idea, her neighbor laid out a scent trail for her dog, Gabe, to find, simulating his method of tracking down a lost dog.

It took him just four minutes to finish the job.

We repeated the test with Katz's other dog, Fletcher -- a terrier mix she calls her "20-pound bloodhound" -- and had a similar result.

“They're the happiest dogs in the world when they're working. Absolutely happy, he still wants to work right now,” said Katz.

She admits every case is different, and often times, they do not begin with the dogs at all.

“The way I start my cases with a sign campaign, I make the sign for my client, I send it to the print store and then I tell them where every single sign goes,” she said.

Her business started back in 2015, and she has taken on more than 500 cases. Her success rate is about 67 percent. 

In St Pete, Katz played a part in helping bring Zeus, the kite-surfing Jack Russell terrier, back home. His case made headlines after he was stolen at a kitesurfing competition near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge. 

“I wasn’t really a believer in this because pets can’t talk. It’s just different... People are special. If you have a good gift on that, use it,” said owner Dimitri Maramenides.

“This is what I’m supposed to do,” Katz added.

LINK: To learn more about Jamie Katz and her services, visit www.jamiekatzpetdetective.com