Florida postal worker caught on camera throwing package over fence

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A postal worker in South Florida was caught on security camera throwing a package over a homeowner's fence, breaking one of the items inside.

Andres Gonzalez said it happened Tuesday at his home in Florida City, south of Miami.

"The mail lady throws away the package as if she was playing baseball," he told WSVN. "When we checked the package, that stuff was broken."

Gonzalez had ordered baby products online since his and his wife are expecting their second child. One of those products, a diaper dispenser, ended up cracked and broken inside the box that had been tossed onto their property.

The homeowner said his gate was locked when the package was delivered, but noted in the past that drivers would either leave a note about re-delivery, or carefully drop the package over the fence and onto the lawn.

Gonzalez told WSVN he does not want the carrier to lose her job over the incident, but hopes she'll take better care of his packages from now on.

"What I would really like is that they tell her to not do it again because I don't want anybody to lose their job, because everybody has a family," he said.

A USPS representative stopped by Gonzalez's home on Thursday to apologize in person for what happened.

The postmaster also released a statement, saying, "Our employees take great pride in their work, delivering for the American public. This is clearly unacceptable behavior that does not reflect the efforts of the thousands of professional, dedicated carriers in our workforce."

The family said Amazon issued a full refund and is replacing the broken diaper dispenser.