Florida's immense impact on the presidential election

With Election Day just 23 days away, both candidates have their sights set on Florida. It's a key state in presidential elections with 29 electoral votes up for grabs.

"We're the most competitive state there is very little difference between Democrats and Republicans. A lot of independents. We're very racially and ethnically diverse. We're also very age-diverse. Put it all together and we're a must-have state in 2020," USF Professor Emerita Dr. Susan MacManus said.

Dr. MacManus explains winning the presidency can be difficult without winning Florida's 29 electoral votes. For Trump, she says taking Florida is a must.

"He cannot win the presidency without it. It would be extremely difficult and the odds would be extremely high against that. Biden can win without Florida, but doesn't want to risk it and obviously has got his eyes on helping other Democrats down the ticket," MacManus said.

Voting in Florida 2020: Tampa Bay area election guide

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So far, both candidates have made campaigning in Florida a priority. Biden is set to campaign Tuesday in Broward County where he'll share his vision for older Americans.

Monday, Trump is set to hold a rally at Sanford International Airport near Orlando. Both are hoping to win over voters in a state MacManus says is one of the most evenly split out of any other state in the county.

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"Florida is always a big prize. It's expensive to run here. It's very difficult to win here. It's like putting together a giant jigshaw puzzle and trying to figure how to put all these differently shaped pieces together and do it in time to win an election. It's very tough," Dr. MacManus added.