For 30 days, Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office will donate $1,000 to a different charity

Local charities have been struggling since the coronavirus pandemic began. To help, the Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office announced they will provide $1,000 to a different charity every day for the next month.

Sheriff Chad Chronister said a different charity will be named, starting Monday, April 13, at 10 a.m. on the sheriff's office social media accounts. The campaign is called, "30 Days of Stronger Together with Team HCSO."

"We wanted to do more to help the local charities that have been depleted," Chronister said to FOX 13. "We know that spending has been down by 78 percent, and because of this pandemic, there's just a tremendous need. We wanted to do more."

The funding is primarily coming from the agency's employees, the sheriff explained. 

"We have some people in the community who help this charity but it's primarily funded by the employees. The employees set up payroll deduction and come up with a comfortable amount they feel they want to donate back to the community," Chronister said. "Every other week when they get paid that portion goes into our charitable organization and we're able to support charitable organizations right here in our Tampa Bay community."

The sheriff explained that the chosen charities are the ones who have helped feed the community, provide important services and helps children. 

"That's our way of giving back," Chronister said. "I'm excited for each day being able to be the person to announce whose received that payment -- that helping hand."