Former deputy accused of taking money, gifts for sex

Allegations continue to mount against a former Sarasota County sheriff's deputy accused of exploiting an elderly woman

Frankie Bybee appeared in court Tuesday, where state attorneys revealed some of the evidence they have against him, including what they said is a suicide note Bybee forged on behalf of his victim. The state also revealed a new accuser had come forward, alleging she and Bybee had a yearslong affair where she paid him more than $100,000 for sex and videos of sex acts.

During an interview, the new accuser remembered him saying, "I like women, but I don't do it for nothing."

The woman says some of the sex acts were performed in Bybee's squad car. She said he received $500 for each act. The woman also said she would pay him $5,000 for sex, along with gifts of iPads, iPhones, a Jeep and an RV.

The woman claims she also paid off a $30,000 loan for Bybee.

"I told him up front, this is a business deal," she told investigators. "He always agreed with it, he said he ended up getting feelings, that's when I started pushing back. I said, 'I don't want you to love me.'"

When the second accuser was told by investigators Bybee is suspected of trying to kill his other victim, she told investigators, "Seriously, that could have been me. If he did get to this point, and say he came up and I didn't pay him, would he have reacted the same way. Would he have killed me? I don't know. He never got physical with me."

"His behavior is substantially worse than an average criminal behavior, because he took an oath to uphold the law. He is in a position of trust and he flaunted that position," said prosecutor Karen Fraivillig.

His attorney, Charles Britt disagrees and asked the judge to lower Bybee's million dollar bond. He says his client is mentally unstable.

Meanwhile, investigators said they are still uncovering new evidence. It is unclear what, if any additional charges he could face. 

He was charged Tuesday with 10 counts of criminal use of personal identification and a single count of accessing a computer or electronic device without authority.