Four arrested for Pasco armed robberies

Deputies say they've arrested four men suspected of robbing convenience stores and fast food joints.

According to Sheriff Chris Nocco, these suspects made a series of missteps that made a difference in this case.

During the investigation, detectives uncovered a fingerprint that led back to a Pasco County apartment.  Once there, investigators say they found the car and three of their suspects. 

One had a picture of the car on his Facebook page.  Another took a drastic step to get rid of evidence, after finding a flaw a deputy cruiser.

"Evan thought that the marijuana and the pills that were in the back of our car was his evidence.  So he was able to snake around in there, and reach into the back and grab the evidence bag, rip it open, and start eating the evidence," said Sgt. Will Ferguson.

"Social media is a huge help in our investigations.  It was a huge surprise when we pulled into the apartment complex, we observed the vehicle there," added Det. Mark Gutierrez.

Deputies arrested the final suspect at a restaurant nearby. All four are facing a variety of charges, everything from robbery to drugs. to kidnapping.

The investigation is still ongoing.  More charges could be on the way.

"We’re going to send a very clear sign out there that we take this very seriously," Sheriff Nocco added.  "Let these criminals in the Tampa Bay region know, if you come to Pasco County, we're going to throw every resource we have at you."