From bakery clerks to warehouse workers, Publix is hiring

Companies around the U.S. say they are struggling to deal with a shortage of workers, including one of the largest employers in the state. Lakeland-based Publix is looking to fill a wide variety of jobs.

"We’re always looking to hire, especially during the pandemic," offered Maria Brous, Publix’s director of communications. "We’re looking for all different positions in retail and support."

Retail positions include everything from meat cutters and cake decorators to grocery and bakery clerks. The support positions include selectors, production workers, and warehouse line workers.

The pay depends on the position and level of experience, especially for some of the skilled jobs like the meat cutters and cake decorators. But there are other jobs that require no experience.

"For many of the positions we have currently, there’s no experience required," Brous continued. "You can come in, we’ll teach you how to stock, we’ll teach you how to work in our deli and our bakery departments. We can also teach you to work in our production areas and our warehousing distribution centers."

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The grocery chain has been named as a great place to work by Fortune magazine for 24 consecutive years, Brous noted, listing benefits like tuition reimbursement, 401(k) and stock options, vacation pay and sick time.

Brous encouraged those who are interested to log on to, where they can apply to up to three stores at a time. She also encouraged potential employees to talk to their local store managers.

"I always tell folks you can be anything you want to be at Publix," she added.