Publix rolls out new shopping carts for wheelchair-bound customers

Tiffani Borders has made it her mission to teach her 9-year-old daughter Amaria that even though she may be wheelchair bound, nothing can stop her. That's why when she walked into a local Publix in Lutz, it was instant excitement when she saw a shopping cart designed specifically for her daughter.

The birth of a Publix

It's 45,000 square feet, mostly empty right now. But as we watch, employees will take 40 truckloads of groceries to fill this brand new Publix in less than 14 days -- and that's just the start.

Publix commercials giving Floridians holiday 'feels'

It’s not snow falling from the sky that’s a harbinger of the holidays here in Florida. Instead, crying while watching commercials for a grocery chain has become a sure sign the season is upon us.