From the boroughs to the ‘Burg’: Nosh Pit restaurant brings taste of Big Apple to Sunshine State

Nosh Pit restaurant owner Rachael Finn brings the flavors of her childhood home in New York to her new home in St. Petersburg.

"We're a New York Jewish-style deli with a modern twist," she explained. "I love to see people enjoying the Jewish foods that I grew up on like potato pancakes [and] matzo ball soup."

The inspiration came from a local annual Hanukkah celebration. Finn saw how people enjoyed the menu on those special nights.

"There is a large demand in the community to try these traditional Jewish foods," she said. "Keeping kosher is a restrictive diet [and] you still can get kosher items here."

The ability to handle specific dietary needs goes beyond the kosher crowd.

"We can work with many different dietary restrictions – vegetarian options, vegan options," shared Finn.

It also serves up fan favorites.

"What's really popular is our pastrami and corned beef," Finn boasted. "We get all of our meat sent directly from New York."

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The sandwich features a Reuben style with sauerkraut or a Rachael option with coleslaw, but both are full of Swiss cheese and heated meats.

"We steam all of our meats so they don't get greasy on the flat top," Finn explained.

The ultimate goal is to make the customers happy.

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"I hope that they experience a little bit of New York with a little bit of St. Pete," shared Finn, "Something fresh something fun and something delicious!"

The Nosh Pit is located at 4040 Park Street North in St, Petersburg. It is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m.


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