Frostproof considers support for tiny home development

The City of Frostproof may become a trendsetter by allowing the construction of tiny houses.

“There is a going trend, a popular trend, toward tiny homes and we want to catch onto that trend and allow them to find a place in Frostproof,” Mayor Martin Sullivan told FOX 13.

The city is thinking about allowing homes less than 500 square feet to be built. That’s just a little bigger than the average two-car garage. Some are less than 200 square feet.

“What we want to do is allow these smaller lots to be filled with tiny homes,” Sullivan said.

Right now, many areas allow tiny homes on wheels to stay at RV parks.

Frostproof is one of only six places in the state kicking around the idea of allowing permanent tiny homes with foundations and traditional plumbing.

Despite their size, the cost of a tiny home may be more than you'd think.

FOX 13 found a home under 300 square feet listed in Melbourne for almost $90,000.

Frostproof’s city council plans to meet in two weeks to further discuss the issue.