FWC: Video of shark dragged behind boat taken in Hillsborough Co.

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The Florida Wildlife Commission says an investigation into a video of a shark being dragged behind a boat has determined the incident happened in Hillsborough County.

This determination implies it happened somewhere in the Tampa Bay, Hillsborough Bay, or McKay Bay waters. 

FWC says it will work with the 13th Circuit in Hillsborough County to decide what, if any, charges will be filed. 

"These investigations are complex, and the FWC and both State Attorneys’ Offices appreciate the public’s understanding and patience," FWC said in a statement. "We take these incidents seriously, and this investigation is moving forward."

The investigation started in July after video surfaced of boaters dragging what appeared to be a shark behind a speeding boat. 

State wildlife investigators relied on a flood of tips from the public to identify the men in the shark-dragging video.

The video was widely shared around the world. During the video, which shows the subjects laughing and smiling, the animal skips along the water as the boat hits waves. It appears to twist and turn on the line, but it’s not clear if the animal was alive during the incident.

As outrage grew, the governor spoke out against the alleged actions of the boaters and there was talk of possible legislative action at the state level. 

Anyone with additional information, images, or videos that could provide more evidence regarding any of these incidents is asked to contact the FWC’s Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 or Tip@MyFWC.com.